Tenant FAQ’s

Payments & Rent Inquiries

How to pay rent online?

Structure Properties, Inc. offers two easy, safe and secure methods to pay your rent online:

1. Sign Up for AutoPay. Your rent amount will be automatically drafted on the 5th of every month.

2. Register with Rent Cafe. Manual or recurring online rent payments from your checking/savings account. 

If you are interest in paying your rent online, email accounting@structureproperties.com or call (415) 237-6240 to obtain your registration code to register.

What is my rent amount/ account balance?

To view your rent amount and outstanding charges, you can log into Rent Cafe here.

Alternatively you can email  accounting@structureproperties.com or call (415) 237-6240

What if I can't pay my rent?

We understand that people hit hard times. The most important thing you can do is communicate, communicate, communicate. We will always consider your circumstances and will often times be able to find options to avoid an eviction. If you fail to pay your rent and won’t respond to our communication attempts then you will leave the landlord no choice but to pursue an eviction. We HATE evictions so please communicate with us. We’ll almost always try to work something out.

Security deposit refund terms

According to state law, your security deposit will be refunded within 21 days after your move out.

Request a copy of my rent increase?

Please contact accounting@structureproperties.com or call 415-237-6240 to make the request. Please allow 24 hour email response.

Do you accept Section 8?

Yes, we accept Section 8.

Lease Terms

I want to break my lease

Breaking your lease should only be considered when absolutely necessary.   Having said that, we understand that life happens and things change.  If you need to terminate your lease agreement before the listed lease term expires, please contact your Property Manager in writing as soon as possible and explain your circumstances.  We will provide our written policy and the options available.  Please note that there are costs associated with prematurely terminating your lease agreement but we will work with you to minimize any costs.

Can I have a pet?

We love pets!  Most of them are cute and cuddly. However, modifications to any existing lease are considered on a case-by-case basis.  If you would like to request a modification to your lease by adding a pet, please make your request in writing and submit it to your Property Manager for review. The request should include some details regarding your desired pet. Failure to seek approval for a pet in advance could result in eviction.

Can I add a roommate?

In general, a tenant’s right to sublet all or a part of a rental unit (which includes getting a new roommate) depends on whether the lease permits it.  Please review the section of your lease agreement covering Subletting for more information.

If you have an approved roommate who is moving out and you want to replace them, please see FAQ titled “My roommate is moving out. How does this affect my Lease?”

For more information about this topic, please contact your Property Manager by emailing your building email address.

My roommate is moving out. How does this affect my lease?

In general, a tenant’s right to sublet all or a part of a rental unit (which includes getting a new roommate) depends on whether the lease permits it.  Please review the section of your lease covering Subletting for more information.

Even where a lease absolutely forbids subletting, the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and Rules and Regulations allow tenants to replace departing roommates on a one-for-one basis, as long as the replacement roommate meets the Landlord’s regular, reasonable application standards and the tenant is not subletting the entire unit, but only replacing a roommate.

The tenant may request the Landlord to consent to a new replacement roommate only one time per existing tenant residing in the unit in any 12 month period, absent good cause for additional requests.

The Landlord may serve any new roommate with a written notice under Section 6.14 stating that the new roommate is not an “original tenant” and that when the last of the original tenants vacates the premises, the landlord may impose an unlimited rent increase on the remaining occupants.

For more information about this topic, please contact your Property Manager by emailing your building email address.

Source: San Francisco Rent Board Topic No. 151: Subletting and Replacement of Roommates

Complaints/ Maintenance Requests

How do I submit a maintenance request?

The most efficient way to submit a general maintenance request is through our website. Simply fill out the form, follow the prompts and submit. To help us better understand your request, please add photos when prompted.

This communication method directly puts you in contact the maintenance coordinator and ahead of the queue. This will ensure your request is electronically documented and delivered to the correct people in a timely manner. You can expect an email response within 24 hours.

Noise Complaints

The courts, the city and your landlord have all acknowledged that apartment living may sometimes include excess noise from the daily routine of your neighbors.  This is a normal expectation anyone should have when considering apartment living. While your Landlord and Structure Properties certainly have an interest in all tenants within the building getting along, we do not specialize as a mediator nor is it a Property Manager’s or Landlord’s responsibility to make sure everyone gets along. We expect neighbors to work in a mature manner to resolve their differences amicably. Too often neighbors will call the police or the landlord as their first step in dealing with a noise issue. That may immediately put your neighbor on the defensive when a simple and friendly in-person conversation or note would have remedied the matter. If you contact your Property Manager regarding a noise complaint the first question you will be asked is whether or not you have attempted to speak with your neighbor. If you have not, we will ask you to do so before we get involved. We understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from contacting your neighbor. If you believe such a circumstance exists please explain that to your Property Manager. Should your friendly communication with your neighbor fail to achieve the desired result we recommend the following:

1.Contact the police. Often times this will help. Should this fail please let us know. If the noise does not stop please continue to contact the police. Documenting the continued noise offense may ultimately be helpful if your landlord has to force a legal remedy (eviction).

2.We always recommend that the parties take advantage of mediation services. Mediation services are available through the following organizations:

San Francisco Rent Board, 

25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 320, San Francisco, CA 94102




Community Boards

601 Van Ness Avenue Suite 2040, San Francisco, CA 94102



3. Should all the above fail, your landlord will consider a legal remedy. Every case is unique so the landlord will take into account the totality of the circumstances and weigh the probability of prevailing in an eviction case.